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Thank you for visiting Daylight Festival! πŸ’₯ We hope you enjoyed Daylight as much as we did. See you next year

Aanstaande zaterdag tijdens Daylight festival is de A58 van Roosendaal tot Breda afgesloten. Vanaf knooppunt de stok (Roosendaal) tot knooppunt Princenville (Breda) is het niet mogelijk de snelweg op te rijden. De snelweg en op- en afritten van Breda naar Roosendaal zijn wel gewoon open. Wij raden iedereen aan de omleidingsborden te volgen en Google Maps als navigatie te gebruiken. Je stelt Google Maps in op het adres Heistraat te St Willebrord. Tot zaterdag!

Last 500 boarding passes


The last 500 tickets in presale go online now for €36,50. On Saturday, there will only be 500 tickets available for doorsale (for €45,-). Take your discount as fast as you can!


Final info


⚠️97% OF TICKETS SOLD!⚠️  
It seems like there are many of you who want to book a last-minute flight! Boarding passes are already sold for 97%. Do you want to have the guarantee of a crazy flight along the most insane destinations? Book your boarding pass here:

WE DON’T SHOOT YOU! During Daylight we’ve got two insane ‘Lunatics of the sky’ shows! We’ll be shooting with real guns as crazies. Don’t worry, it’s fake and we use blanks. It’s just an act! BAM! πŸ’₯

Planes: We have some real nice planes on the airport, trying to take off will not be wise, as you’ll probably be drunk at the time. So, keep your filthy fingers of the planes, otherwise we have to rip them off.

Weather: The water is not falling out of the skies this time, but we serve it in cooled bottles at the bars. We also provided the festival grounds free with water taps!  Dresscode woman: less is more! Dresscode men: keep your clothes on please!

Kerosine: If you arrive at the airport you will smell the kerosine, don’t worry. We have an advice for you: take a deep breath maybe you get high. And you will fly high in the sky.

Smoking: Cigarettes - will be sold near the merchandise tent.  Vaporizer - You are allowed to bring your vaporizer with you. Make sure to fill the vaporizer in advance, extra e-liquid is not allowed.

The address of our basecamp is Oude Bredasepostbaan, Bosschenhoofd. You can park your monster car or your plane at a 5-minute walk from the basecamp. If you are a pussy, there’s plenty of space to store your bike at the entrance!

Planning on traveling by public transportation? We’ve got shuttlebuses which bring you from NS stations Breda and Roosendaal to the airport. For more information, departure-times and tickets you can go to: There are also some tickets available in the busses themselves, €15,00 if you depart from Breda and €12,50 if you depart from Roosendaal. No worries, these are return-tickets.

If you’re traveling by touring car, sign it up by sending an email to You’ll receive all information you need + a parking ticket. If you don’t sign up your bus but it will stay at our grounds the whole day? Your parking ticket will be €30.  If your bus doesn’t stay during the festival, mention this very explicit during your sign up! So we can give you a parking spot for your journey back home.

πŸ’‹ KISS & RIDE / TAXI πŸ’‹
Do you have the luck to be dropped off? Let your mom follow the yellow ‘Kiss & ride” signs! This also counts for taxi drivers of course. You can also kiss & ride your (girl)friends here. Have fun!

We don’t have to tell you twice: drugs are bad. We stick to the zero-tolerance policy. Any kind of soft- and hard drugs are strictly forbidden, just like the jerks who can’t handle this flight.

The minimum age for Daylight Festival is 18, because that’s the age you can legally get drunk. This simply means you need to be 18 years old on the day of the festival, July 7th 2018. Do you turn 18 on July 9th? We are very sorry, but we can’t let you access our festival. Everyone needs to bring a Valid ID, or pilot’s licence, to prevent misunderstandings.

πŸ› BAGAGE πŸ›
There’s plenty of food and drinks on our ground so you don’t have to (and aren’t allowed to) take your own. Makes you able to travel light! When you’re on a special diet or need to take medication, you need to take a credential from your doctor and need to put your medication in a closed packaging.  Sprays (under pressure) and bottles of parfum of any kind are not allowed.

πŸ’° How to get drunk πŸ’°
You can buy your coins with cash, debit card (PIN) or with a striptease for the cashier ladies. Unfortunately, you can’t get some extra cash money for other trading activities. Do you want to buy merchandise or other unhealthy things? Take some cash with you!

Do you have lockers?! YES, WE DO! If you’re a little inventive you can even share them with your friends. Ow and, we kindly ask you to put your badass guns in a locker as well.

Go together, stay together. You all promised it to your moms: Take care of each other! If something goes wrong after all, there is enough security and First Aid (EHBO) teams to keep an eye on you lunatics. Don’t be afraid to approach them! They are there for you. The first aid can even help you when you drink too much kerosene. If you lose a friend, don’t worry. Probably he gets sucked in the cockpit.

🚾 Toilets 🚾
We have enough free toilets, if you want you can use them for all kind of purposes. If you don’t want to use them you can also pee on one of your friends. We don’t recommend you to do this though.

Photo cameras, SLR and handheld video cameras are allowed to take with you to Daylight. However, you’re not allowed to take professional video equipment.

Timetable time

Start planning your own crazy flight route. Where can we find you and your friends Daylight Festival 2018?

No time to waste, it’s time for you to meet our lunatics! This is the official Daylight 2018 trailer! We’re all set to fly off,  to give you the flight of your life.  It’s going to be extreme, intense, loud and most of all: insane.

We’re running out of group-boarding passes so get hold of one of them!(
See you @Daylight festival 2018.

Full Line-up Release!

Masters of the sky! On July 7th we gather at Breda Airport.

Together with the Lunatics of the sky we take off for ‘the flight of madness’. We’ll start at the Flightbase and they will take us on a crazy flight to Tibet and the Black Hills. We proudly present you: the full line up!

Flightbase (mainstage):
B-front – Sub Zero Project – Lunatics of the sky (Zany & DV8) – Paul Elstak – Phuture Noize LIVE – Digital Punk – Requiem – Warface – Deetox – D-sturb – Bass Chaserz – Clockartz – MC DL

Tibet Trip (freestyle):
Ransom – Outsiders - Rät N FrikK LIVE – Dr. Rude – Genius & Nowaxx – Plug ‘N Play – MC The Russian – The Viper – Ruthless – Dr Phunk – Franky Dux – Yves

Black Hills (raw & harder):
Jason Payne – Unresolved – Caine & Thera – Rejecta – Ncrypta – Spitnoise – Luminite – Ceazar – MYST – D-Fence – Audio Mechanics – Angernoizer – MC Raise

Flight Academy (Talent Stage)

Prepare yourself to witness this years Official Take Off Show starring ‘The Lunatics of the Sky’: Capt. Zany & Lt. DV8. During this turbulent flight these legendary madmen will shoot you high into the sky. Taking you far above and beyond your wildest imaginations straight to your maximum level of insanity!

Fasten your seatbelts for the loudest live perfomances, 4 astonishing stages, sexy flight-attendances and thousands of fellow lunatics. No limits, no boundaries, no rules….. Get ready for the flight of your life!

BE AWARE: It’s only a matter of time before flight #DL18 will be fully booked.
Get your boarding passes now. We can assure you this is an insane flight you don’t want to miss!

First names Daylight Festival 2018

With only two months to go till Daylight 2018, artists are joining the flight of madness! Therefore, it’s time to let you know with which DJ’s you can lose your mind on July 7 at Breda International Airport. Don’t worry, this is only PHASE 1. 

A memorable beginning of a crazy line up with DJ’s such as Phuture Noize (live), warface, D-sturb and many more! Find out which DJ’s you can find at Daylight 2018 in the video down below.


Flightbase (mainstage)

  • Clockartz
  • Deetox
  • Warface
  • Bass Chaserz
  • D-sturb
  • Requiem
  • Digital Punk
  • Phuture Noize LIVE
  • MC DL

*more to be announced soon*

Blackhills (Freestyle)

  • The Viper
  • Ruthless
  • Dr Phunk
  • Franky Dux
  • Yves

*more to be announced soon*

Tibet Trip (Raw & Harder)

  • D-fence
  • MYST
  • Audio Mechanics
  • Angernoizer
  • MC Raise *more to be announced soon*  

Registration Flight Academy opened!

Do you have the power to own the sky? This is your time to shine! You can join our Luncatic’s Flight Academy, an area where talents get a chance to show they are the new masters of the skies. Are you an upcoming talent? Get ready for the flight of your life. Send us an email ( why YOU should be accepted to the flight academy, in your most creative way.

What should you do?
- Make a mixtape from 30 minutes in one of the Daylight genres. Own productions are not necessary, but it’s a benefit.
- Place your mixtape on Mixcloud.
- Mail the link of your mixtape to Add your DJ name, your style, your tracklist, age and city to your mail.
- Registration closes 1 June. - The poll on Facebook starts 8th of June. From that moment, you’re able to vote.
- 23 June ends the poll. The 8 Flight Academy spots will be awarded to the dj’s with the most votes.

Boarding passes available

Are you ready for take off?! Are you a lunatic of the sky? This is your time to fly at Breda International Airport on July 7th!

Bemachtig snel je Boarding Pass Ticket voor €36,50 (regular phase)! ×

​Early boarding passes are sold out!
The first flight to Daylight 2018 is fully loaded. Regular boarding passes are available at the ticket shop.
Buy now your early boarding pass w/ €10 discount for flight #DL18

✈Buy now your early boarding pass w/ €10 discount for flight #DL18

Group tickets: Planning your holiday trip with your friends? This year you can buy 6 tickets for the price of 5!

Tickets: Destination: unkown  Age: 18+

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