Welcome to the flight of Madness..! Ook dit jaar de beste hardstyle, freestyle en raw! Maak je klaar voor alweer de 8e editie van Daylight Festival!

First names Daylight Festival 2018

With only two months to go till Daylight 2018, artists are joining the flight of madness! Therefore, it’s time to let you know with which DJ’s you can lose your mind on July 7 at Breda International Airport. Don’t worry, this is only PHASE 1. 

A memorable beginning of a crazy line up with DJ’s such as Phuture Noize (live), warface, D-sturb and many more! Find out which DJ’s you can find at Daylight 2018 in the video down below.


Flightbase (mainstage)

  • Clockartz
  • Deetox
  • Warface
  • Bass Chaserz
  • D-sturb
  • Requiem
  • Digital Punk
  • Phuture Noize LIVE
  • MC DL

*more to be announced soon*

Blackhills (Freestyle)

  • The Viper
  • Ruthless
  • Dr Phunk
  • Franky Dux
  • Yves

*more to be announced soon*

Tibet Trip (Raw & Harder)

  • D-fence
  • MYST
  • Audio Mechanics
  • Angermoizer
  • MC Raise *more to be announced soon*  

Registration Flight Academy opened!

Do you have the power to own the sky? This is your time to shine! You can join our Luncatic’s Flight Academy, an area where talents get a chance to show they are the new masters of the skies. Are you an upcoming talent? Get ready for the flight of your life. Send us an email (flightacademy@daylightfestival.nl) why YOU should be accepted to the flight academy, in your most creative way.

What should you do?
- Make a mixtape from 30 minutes in one of the Daylight genres. Own productions are not necessary, but it’s a benefit.
- Place your mixtape on Mixcloud.
- Mail the link of your mixtape to flightacademy@daylightfestival.nl. Add your DJ name, your style, your tracklist, age and city to your mail.
- Registration closes 1 June. - The poll on Facebook starts 8th of June. From that moment, you’re able to vote.
- 15 June ends the poll. The 4 Flight Academy spots will be awarded to the dj’s with the most votes.

Boarding passes available

Are you ready for take off?! Are you a lunatic of the sky? This is your time to fly at Breda International Airport on July 7th!

Bemachtig snel je Boarding Pass Ticket voor €36,50 (regular phase)! × daylightfestival.nl/tickets

​Early boarding passes are sold out!
The first flight to Daylight 2018 is fully loaded. Regular boarding passes are available at the ticket shop.
Buy now your early boarding pass w/ €10 discount for flight #DL18

Buy now your early boarding pass w/ €10 discount for flight #DL18

Group tickets: Planning your holiday trip with your friends? This year you can buy 6 tickets for the price of 5!

Tickets: www.daylightfestival.nl/tickets Destination: unkown  Age: 18+